About The Barn

The two-story barn is the main event space. The top story has an older part, smaller space with a loft that allows you to see out an open hay door. It is ideal for a family event or a special area of meeting as part of a larger event. That room opens up to the main room thru sliding barn doors where there is the open floor space that can accommodate up to 240 around tables. Everything is barn wood and beams, high ceiling fully and newly insulated, complete with a ventilation system, some chandeliers and other lighting that would be adequate. You would be welcome to add other decorations as you wish. Out the back, is a French door and side panel glass where you see lush corn and bean fields accessing the deck.  There is a handicapped option to get to this second floor.

The lower room is furnished with 2 handicapped accessible restrooms, and 2 dressing rooms. There is also a stairway to the top floor.  This room has the old exposed wood ceiling with the small bulb lighting. The walls are white with dark brown pillars. This room could accommodate 140 around tables. At the end of the room, under the deck, are French doors opening to the patio for more seating and mingling. These French doors will allow for more light, ventilation and scenery. This room tends to be cooler in temperature.


A side room to the lower room accesses this lower room as well as to the upper level, Conveniently this is a food prep and clean up complete with work counters, sinks microwave, refrigerator and freezer.

There would always be an option for the ceremony on the lawn, under a tent, or a tent added to the lower level of the barn.

An acre of grass for the parking of 125 cars is located where you will enter the farm to access the barn venue from the back side. A handicapped option is to use the home drive and drop off guests at the barn.

A runway stretches on the north side of the barn. You are free to inquire about the use of it for guests arrivals or your getaway.

Rentals during the week, Tuesday thru Thursday throughout the year will be on an hourly rate, again depending on what part of the barn you need and what kind of amenities you will use for reunions, banquets, family events, photo sessions, business meetings, fundraisers, etc.

All final rental cost will be upon final consultation, with the venue coordinator.