Our History

The Barn on Chapel Road LLCis an old rustic original 2 story Amish barn restored and facilitated for large or small events. It finds itself on a country homestead, in the middle of lush grass and beautiful fields of corn and beans. We are located 26 mile west of Columbus, 14 mile south of Marysville, 20 mile north of London and just 4 mile west of Plain City. We host wedding events every weekend from April – October, And are open to hosting other events Tuesday – Thursday.”

About Us

The Farm on Chapel Rd, originally owned by an Amish family who lived and worked on this small sustainable farm. There was no electric in any of the buildings. They had a huge garden and many little buildings to store garden tools, buggies, shops to fix things and do some of their outdoor work, and then other buildings to home their animals-chickens, hogs, horses, cows etc. There were hog lots and chicken yards and pastures for the cows and horses. All of the buildings on the farm now are original, except for the shop.

When the farm was purchased by the Beachy’s in the 1980’s, the place was renovated for a smaller farm taking a few of the small buildings away and making the animal lots into yard. The barn was used for cattle, and the chicken house for chickens. We grew corn, wheat and soybeans as well. The garden was cut in half several times. We have kept the property simple in nature but added electricity and conveniences to the farm.

Our life was cultivated and rooted in love as we began our married life in this our only home, then blessed with 3 children who also have cherished memories of the fields, barn, a creek bordering the property in the back and of course the home. Offering grateful hearts to our Father God who is the Creator of this beautiful countryside, we continue to look to Jesus as our Source of Life and Love in our journey! These children are married and have children of their own who love to come enjoy the farm.

But the barn no longer houses animals, hay and straw. It needs to continue to offer joy to others. We welcome you to celebrate at The Barn on Chapel Road LLC for your venue where you may find it to be a sweet, pleasant, peaceful backdrop to capture your memories and special moments for your event.

We will pray for your Joy in the journey you take and experience!