You are the visionary to this event. You bring what it takes to make this your special occasion. You may choose your linens, table centerpieces, decorations, from another vendor or vendors thru the assistance of the venue coordinator.

The venue has the following on site you are welcome to use.

  • 24 round tables, 60 “
  • 16 rectangle tables, 8′ X 30 in
  • 2 farm tables 10’4″
  • 2 farm tables 7′
  • A sweetheart table 58″
  • 240 white wooden chairs
  • 2 bars
  • 6 pub tables 24″ across the top 40″ to the floor
  • 4 barrels
  • 4 archs
  • 2 easels

We do offer great suggestions for wedding planners, photographers, designers of flower arrangement and centerpieces, caterers, DJ’s, and video/sound technician.

The Barn on Chapel Road LLC is available Friday and Saturdays from April through October for weddings. The total number of guests does not affect the rental cost. There is a $1000.00 security deposit, non-refundable, when a date is reserved (A deposit says “I’m serious and I want to rent the barn.”) The remainder rental is $4,500.00 for Friday thru Saturday, (2 – 12 hr days), for the entire barn due 180 days, 6 months before your wedding.

In the event of a cancellation, and The Barn on Chapel Road LLC is able to re-book a comparable event on the schedule date, the base fee will be refunded. The Barn on Chapel Road LLC shall have the right to terminate this contract if the client fails to meet or violates any terms of the contract, in which case the provisions of this cancellation policy also apply. The client shall not assign or sub-lease any terms, conditions or services contained in this contract or any interest therein without the written consent from The Barn on Chapel Road LLC.

Alcoholic Beverages

This venue does not provide any food or beverage services. It offers a list of preferred caterers, but you may use a caterer who is not on this list if you prefer. If you want to serve alcohol at your event, you may bring your own or use a catering service. However, all alcohol must be served by a licensed bar tender who complies with all local liquor laws. You must have an insurance policy for liquor liability. This insurance covers you and The Barn on Chapel Road LLC in the event someone causes harm to another at the event or on the road after your event. Coverage should be a minimum of $500,000.00. As the host of a private party, the client acknowledges responsibility for the proper and lawful consumption of alcoholic beverages at The Barn on Chapel Road LLC during the duration of the event described in this contract.

Smoke Free

The Barn on Chapel Road LLC is a smoke free area venue. The gravel driveway is the designated area for that privilege where guests are welcome to use.

Pet Policy

No pets, please. This request includes during the setup, tear down, ceremony or any activity.


Children are welcome under the supervision of adults at all times.

Other Details

Renters need to advise The Barn on Chapel Road LLC of their selection of vendors for the event (anyone who will be delivering, setting up, or tearing down items or equipment). This list with contact names and phone numbers is due with the final payment. Delivery times must be cleared with the venue before the date of event.

Nails, duct tape, scotch tape masking tape should not be used without permission received by venue owner. No confetti, rice, excessive glitter or silly string is allowed. String, ribbon and such are allowed. Bubbles and rose petals are fine.  No cold sparks.  In accordance of fire safety rules there is no open flame in or close to the barn. No sky lanterns, fireworks or any fire is allowed outside without permission from owner. The venue reserves the privilege to take and use photos of your event for promotional purposes.

Responsibility and Security

It is the client’s responsibility to maintain cleanliness of the venue the whole time of the rental. It should be left in the same order and condition it was received. The caterer must get rid of everything he brings and serves on the tables, enclose trash in plastic bags and place in dumpster. The tables and chairs are to be folded and placed carefully in storage area, personal decorations inside and outside removed, floors swept and trash in all rooms and outside be emptied in dumpster. Last call is 10 pm, music cut at 10:30 pm and exit of the barn at 11 pm.

If you wish for a service to aid you in this responsibility, you may request it in advance. The staff offers the service.

Liability Insurance

Renters need to secure one day event policy with $1,000,000.00 coverage. This covers your party, your guests, your event. Required is a copy of it sent to us as evidence of purchase due at least a month in advance.

The Barn on Chapel Road LLC does not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any articles or property left at the venue prior, during or after the event. The client agrees to be responsible for any damage done to the venue by the client, his guests, invitees, employees, or other agents under the client’s control. Further, The Barn on Chapel Road LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind or character to any person or property caused by or arising from any act of omission of the client, or of any of the above people stated from any accident or causality occasioned by the failure of the client to maintain the premises in a safe condition or arising from any other cause. The client, as a material part of the consideration of this agreement, hereby waives on its behalf all claims and demands against The Barn on Chapel Road LLC for any such loss, damage, or injury of the client, and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold The Barn on Chapel Road LLC free and harmless from all liability for any such loss, damage or injury to other persons, and from all costs and expenses arising there from, including but not limited to attorney fees.

There is a $1,000.00 damage fee due 30 days before the event, refundable the following week after event, when the barn has been cleaned and site is deemed in condition previous to event.